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Manufacturing Technology

EGIC become a trendsetter and market leader of the plumbing industry in the Egyptian market, starting with the water supply solutions from polypropylene under the German brand – Baninger – and the push to fit drainage solutions under the brand – Kessel – and PVC drainage solutions under the – Smart home – brand 

These trademarks have given EGIC the leadership in the Middle East and Africa,

In addition, EGIC has taken an expansive approach since its foundation and as a result, EGIC now owns three top class industrial complexes

Bani-Suef Manufacturing Facility, which is considered one of the largest factories in the Middle East and that is fully equipped with superior German Technology in manufacturing water supply solutions from polypropylene substance (BR).

Bani-Suef Factory is also distinctive with an essential production facility for producing copper threads through advanced Swiss foundry technology unique in the middle east.

The foundry of Bani-Suef has eight integrated production processes, which are; 

Casting – Injection – Hot forging – Die casting – CNC – polishing – Electroplating – Assembly

The factory is distinctive by having the largest and latest copper foundry in the Middle East and Africa with Swiss technology.


It specializes in the production of:

The first casting step is to pour the molten metals into a mold cavity.

The molten material then cools, until it solidifies into ingots.

In EGIC we produce a volume of 12 to 15 tons per day.

The solid ingots are then transferred to the Continuous Casting Process and re-melted at high temperatures up to 1250 °C to produce solid and hollow bars.

Hollow bars are cut and transferred to the CNC machines.

Where 33 Pins are formed in each piece at 45 degrees to achieve the highest cohesion with polypropylene in injection machines

with a production capacity of one piece every two seconds and a total production rate of 7000 pieces per hour

These inserts are then transferred through state-of-the-art injection machines passing through the polypropylene injection stage.

The facility also has a manufacturing and maintenance workshop for molds with the latest technology to ensure the highest quality.

Solid bars are transferred to the hot forging department to pass through several operations.

– The bar is cut according to its diameter and transferred to the oven for heating.

The pieces are hammered using the hot forging press machine to form the initial product.

– This initial product is directed to the trimming machine to remove the flash.

– Products are directed to sandblasting stage, to give its golden color.

Simultaneously with these processes, the injection and formation stages, The ZAMAK 5 is used in the Die casting department, without any additives to ensure the highest quality.

The ZAMAK 5 alloy is heated to reach the melting point and then injected into molds according to the required product to form valve handles and accessories.


Then the products are moved to the CNC process, where pieces of copper and ZAMAK take their final form.

EGIC distinctively is equipped with giant CNC machines and advanced inspection robots with an error rate of 0%

Then the surface of all parts is polished and prepared for the electroplating process.

The pieces are moved to the automatic electroplating line

Which consists of 80 stages according to international specifications and using the best German chemicals with layers of copper, nickel and chromium.

The quality of the coating is monitored by quality control laboratories for the electroplating line to ensure that it is resistant to weathering and conforms to the highest quality specifications.


After that, the pieces are transferred to the assembly process.

Where the valves are fully assembled with automatic assembly machines, and tested on pressure devices on the assembly line, in addition to laboratory tests.

In the assembly section, the ball valves Banninger, which are up to the European and British standards, are then assembled. 

Banninger Ball valves include a copper ball coated with nickel-chrome and controlled by the finest types of gaskets with stainless steel handle and a working pressure of up to 25 bar.

Angle valves, washing machine valve and all Nickel plated products which are assembled and tested by the brand -Smart Home- are manufactured from the finest raw materials conforming to international standards to ensure the highest control of water supply Withstand water temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius The facility has a section for braiding and assembling the flexible hoses Which is made of 24 slides, and every slide is made of 7 stainless steel threads, with a reverse braided.

To produce highly efficient flexible hoses which can withstand pressures and temperatures up to 10 bar and 90 degrees Celsius.

each produced piece is tested with a pressured air in addition to other laboratory tests.

Beni Suef manufacturing facility is environmentally friendly and under acquiescence with all health and occupational health and safety requirements.


EGIC laboratories are fully equipped with the most advanced testing system to ensure that our products meet health and performance standards for plastic pipes and fittings required by regulators, public health officials, and manufacturers.

Our quality control policies include:

  • Testing and accepting incoming raw materials according to ISO 1133
  • Measuring and inspecting our production equipment
  • Auditing our production procedures
  • Examining products during the manufacturing process to measure density, pressure, surface, dimensions, weight, marking, date of extrusion, and molding.
  • Inspecting the final product to measure the usability of the products in their fields of application


Bani Suef Copper Foundry

10 2

Size: 2500 m2
Location: Industrial Zone, East of Nile Plot No.2 ., New Bani Suef
Start Date: 2014
Products Manufactured: Brass Bars / Brass Inserts
Mass Production of copper: 2,000 tons/year for Bronze and brass

October I Manufacturing Facility

Size: 37,000 m² Location: 4th industrial Zone Plot no. 1/9 6th of October City Start Date: 2007 Products Manufactured: PVC Pipes (Smart Home) + PVC Fittings (Smart Home) + PP Fittings (Kessel) + PPR Fittings (BR) Capacity: 38,000 Ton

October II Manufacturing Facility


Size: 43,000 m²
Start Date: 2015a
Products Manufactured: PE Pipes for Gas (PE) + PPR Pipes (BR) + PP Pipes. Kessel
Capacity: 17,000 Ton

EGIC plays an important role in serving and supporting projects with complete home solutions in plumbing industry in Egypt and worldwide from the moment we receive the initial inquiry until the job is completed. Whether the client is developer, consultant, project owner or contractor, our professional sales engineers continuously update the clients with;

  • EGIC’s accredited certificates, catalogs, and required samples.
  • Competitive packages
  • Product data that meets specification requirements

Furthermore, we offer our clients with after-sale service as we inspect the plumbing work and provide them with 10 years guarantee.



  • Sodic projects
  • Cairo Opera House
  • Porto October
  • Kuwadico – Grand Heights
  • NAIS – Nefertari International School
  • Engineers Syndicate Club


  • Al Choueifat Hotel

  • Porto New Cairo Mall

  • Katamya Hospital

  • Gateway Intzrnational Montessori School

  • Mivida

  • Advanced Housing & Contracting Company



  • Al Azhar University

  • Flowers Tour

  • Islamic Research Complex in Al-Azhar

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  • Shatby Hospital

  • Helnan Palestine Hotel

  • Antoniadis City | Smouha

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  • Marsilai

  • El-Ahram heights | Alexandria Desert Rd



  • Ghazala Bay

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  • Marseilia Beach 4



  • Novotel Hotel -Cairo Airport | Heliopolis

  • Le Passage Hotel | Heliopolis

  • Old Vic Hotel | Hurghada

  • Badr Public Hospital | Badr

  • Ashgar Darna Compound | Maadi

  • Toshiba Elaraby Factory | Banha

other projects

Export As a market leader in manufacturing water supply and drainage solutions, EGIC exports complete home solutions with superior German quality to the international markets with a solid reputation. We provide our agents and clients wide range of pipes, fittings, accessories, floor drains, adhesives, floor insulation, and bronze and brass bars.

We also support our agents with all marketing materials such as; product samples, 3D videos, brochures, stands, flyers and catalogs to be displayed in their showrooms and increase the brand awareness and products knowledge which reflect on their sales volumes.


Our research and development team continuously work on the latest innovative products and develop new items not only to satisfy clients’ needs but also to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. We train our international sole agents and conduct factory tours to increase their product awareness level and knowledge.

Today, we export to over 30 countries across the world and participate in international exhibitions like; ISH Fair, Feicon Batimat in Brazil, Batimat in France, The Big 5 Show in Dubai and …etc. to meet new clients and penetrate new markets.