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Copper Alloys Products

EGIC copper alloys are one of the most extensive commercial metals. They
offer a wide range of properties, such as excellent electrical and thermal
conductivity, outstanding corrosion and fatigue resistance. They are readily
worked, brazed and welded

Casting Technique

In the casting technique, the molten metal is poured from a furnace to the
graphite die, via a crucible. The die is cooled by the aid of water-cooling
jacket, to guarantee the solidification direction. In the casting of hollow
billets, a mold is placed inside the die to produce the interior shape for
the billet. This method allows the production precisely dimensioned billets
further machining. Billets are intended for automatic machining must be
straightened before delivery

Machining Technique

By using an advanced the latest “state-of-art” CNC machinery workshops
including a wide range of machines, EGIC can offer bronze and brass products
with excellent finishing appearance and lowest dimensional deviations. We
entered a new era after installing Swiss made horizontal casting production
unit for manufacturing highly qualified bronze bars

Brass alloys of copper with zinc

Brass includes varying amounts of zinc and other elements added. These
varying mixtures produced a wide range of properties and variations in
color. The additives of zinc to copper provides high strength and corrosion
resistance. It is a very versatile range of materials used for ease in joining.