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Bronze and Brass

Bronze and brass Inserts

EGIC deepened its industrial investments by developing in-house manufacturing of bronze bars inserts using the latest “state-of-art” CNC machines of German and Italian origins. We elevated to a new era by installing a Swiss made horizontal continuous casting production unit for manufacturing a guaranteed high quality bronze bars.


Bronze Bars

  • Round Solid Bars
  • Round Hollow Bars
  • Different Profile Solid Bars
  • Different Profile Hollow Bars
  • Different Diameters up to 75mm
  • Different Lengths up to 4 meters

Bronze/brass Inserts

  • Automatic Bar Feeder
  • Sizes from 10 mm to 110 mm
  • The average cycle time 2.4 seconds per piece
  • Safe for human use
  • 33 interlock notches between PP-R and copper insert = 10 times the strength of other products
  • Trapezoidal profile, the more pressure and heat the more interlocking efficient (to ensure the longest life of the product)