Solutions For Outdoor Applications – UV-Resistant system for warm and cold water supply

While PP-R pipes and fittings are designed to be used indoor, we developed an ultraviolet resistant PP-RCT system to avoid the corrosion of the piping systems. EGIC-UV pipes are consisted of well-established four layers;a

  1. The first-outer layer is coated with a black UV-resistant material to ensure pipe long-term durability and prevent PP-RCT material from expansions and deformities.
  2. The second layer of PP-RCT Polypropylene-Random-Copolymer, which is ideally integrated within the pipe structure to retain high water flow.
  3. The unique third layer (orange) of absolute fiber provides high rigidity and stability that prevents outside air from infiltration into the pipe.
  4. The forth-inner layer is made of PP-RCT where the smooth surface is in direct contact with hot and cold water
  • Long-term durability to survive in high temperatures (Against deformities)
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Higher flow rate and safe to potable water
  • Low linear expansion
  • Light weight, ease of transportation, handling and installation