There is no luxury like being in your most comfort at your home without any issues.
EGIC’s number one priority is to provide its customers with the most comfortable and luxurious plumbing products and has created only the best products with superior German quality to satisfy your needs and more.


EGIC provides the best by using BR for water supply solutions and Smart Home/Kessel for drainage solutions as the plumbing network offers you the full satisfaction and safety that your home needs, and comfort for you and your family.

Our products receive their distinctiveness in pursuing and maintaining their great quality and design. So that every part will only flourish in your bathroom/kitchen and offer the best and most suitable products to modernize your home and maintain its superior German quality.

Smart Home “Concealed cisterns”

Take a look at our latest innovation projects, Concealed cisterns from Smart Home that provide you with the best drainage solution with EGIC guarantee for 5 years, thanks to our innovative technology that saves water because it includes;
·      Dual-flush to conserve water (5/7.5 liters or 4/6 liters or 3/5.4 liters)
·      Easy to disassemble and install
·      It is located beneath the wall or gypsum board which frees up space for small toilets
·      Equipped with the first mechanical centrifugal valve & easy maintenance  
·      Has a flow rate of 2.2 liters/sec.
·      Can withstand various weather conditions due to the insulating layer of paint and it includes a steel chassis that is 111 cm in length and the plastic tank is surrounded by foam to protect against condensation.
·      It includes a filling tap that has a filter to prevent impurities, with a flow rate of 0.27 liters/sec. at a pressure of 5 bar.



Finally, the concealed cistern is designed to fit many forms of the interior to provide you with the best addition to your home and give you the necessary sense of comfort and luxury.

Kessel shower drains
A variety of Kessel’s floor drains from EGIC, have shown practicality and ease in their use, including;
·      How they can be adjusted with ease according to the height of the ceramic
·      Has a lateral/vertical outlet
·      Easy to disassemble and move to match installation positions and decorations, and to clean.
·      Made of ABS material
·      Includes a trap that prevents unpleasant odors and rodents  
·      Uses the finest quality to guarantee the highest flow rate
·      Does not need a bathtub to work which saves space for the shower.
·      It is designed to match any décor.
Kessel covers
Kessel covers provide the best designs that can fit into a variety of interiors and spaces. The tile-able covers allow ceramics to be fixed to them to give a modern and elegant appearance. The smooth drain cover is made of stainless steel 304, to prevent rust and not react with chemicals and it is excellent in its durability as it can withstand up to 300 kg.
EGIC ensures proper engineering planning is in place before the finishing stage because we value that it is one of the most important steps for establishing proper plumbing for your bathroom.
EGIC’s number one priority is working on creating solutions that provide you with the best quality and maximum comfort.