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Floor Drains

Smart Home push to fit system

EGIC offers UPVC push-to-fit systems under its brand name Smart Home to be used in and around building installations, which are designed from Strong and durable UPVC material combined with flexible SBR rubber gaskets to fit different operating conditions and characterized by the ease of installation and maintenance by means of non-permanent installation systems and without any adhesive or harmful materials, which leads in the end to an efficient operation for long years under the guarantee of EGIC.

These systems distinguish with their variety of designs and sizes for pipes, fittings, and smart floor drain to fit all possible uses and to give flexibility to the designer and the plumber in design and installation even in hard and narrow locations and routes with low-cost installation.

This aboveground range starts from 50mm size which is conventionally suitable for kitchens and bath works to 110mm size which is conventionally suitable for whole building discharge.

The aboveground system includes a smart floor drain which could use+10 different cover sizes and designs. In addition to aboveground systems, the designer can use 110mm systems as an underground system which is classified according to EN1401 as SN 4

Smart Home above and underground systems are made of high-quality Un Plasticized Vinyl Chloride “UPVC”, designed according to the European standard specifications EN 1329 and EN1401, and integrated with Smart floor drain which is made of UPVC, TPE, and high-quality stainless steel 304.

Smart Home above and underground systems are suitable for all water and sewage gravity discharging with operational temperatures reach 65°C with efficient solids slipping and excellent resistance to most chemicals for long years, and could withstand all and around building loads with the proper installation.