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washing machine valve


Code: 353099904

 General Specifications:

 Inlet thread 1⁄2 ” and outlet thread 3⁄4”

 Nominal Pressure: PN20

 Temperature range: Cold and hot water from 5°C to 95°C

Principle of Operation:

Smart home washing machine valve allow the full flow through the valve.

By rotating the handle, the ball with its shaft slew around the middle axis, and the

Opening angle of the ball determine the flow through between the body and the bore.

Smart Home washing machine valve are well sealed at 2 positions as follow:

The ball is seating on two virgin PTFE rings to eliminate the flow in the closing


The shaft is rounded by 2 O-rings to eliminate leakage from the handle side.

Typical applications:

Used for water supply sinks, shattaf, domestic heaters, and other places to control

water flow or repair


 Made of Brass alloy CW617N according to DIN 12164

 The Body and the handle is plated with nickel-chromium alloy according to ISO 1456

and EN 248

 The valve rosette made of stainless-steel 304

 Rubber rings made of NBR according to ISO 3601