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Gully trap with Lateral 1


Gully Trap with Lateral 1 inlet Ø 110 and 1 outlet Ø 110


353096103  Gully trap with slotted plastic cover (250*250mm)

353096104  Gully trap with closed plastic cover (250*250mm)


General Specifications

Material: lower section made of PVC and the upper section is made of Polypropylene

Accept wastewater from kitchens, water sinks, bathtubs and washing machines to the main sewage system

With vertically adjustable upper section (18 mm)

Available with Integral odor trap, sludge basket and triple inlet plugs

Flow rate: 1.8 liters/sec.

Load Class: 300 kg



Rotatable Lower section to the drainage system

Adjustable upper section up to 18 mm. Available with vertical extension.

Removable cover to ease the access for cleaning and maintenance