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Drainage Water Channel 100*100 mm


Drainage Water Channel 100*100 mm

353096201                Water Channel 100*100mm with Polypropylene Cover

353096210                Water Channel 100*100mm with Stainless steel (304) Cover

353096401                Quad Branch/Tee/Elbow

353096212                Vertical outlet 75mm

353096205                Vertical outlet 110mm

353096203                End caps for both ends of the channel + Adapter for pipe joint


General Specifications

Material: made of polypropylene

Length: 1 meter

Width and Depth: 100*100mm

Lateral Outlets: two optional side outlets

0 110 mm or 0 75mm.

Vertical Outlet: one optional vertical outlet0 110mm or 0 75mm.

Flow rate: 150 liter s/min .