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Home is a dwelling place where we spend most of our life. Installing superior piping system that work properly in our home is really crucial; as it makes it a peaceful place of live.

EGIC Research and Development team continually strives to work on the latest innovative products and smart piping solutions, as well as on development of new items. Using the most modern equipment leads to increase productivity and meet customers’ needs. We present complete home solutions with superior German quality and competitive prices among appropriate distribution channels.

1.    PPR / PP- RCT pipes & fittings for drinkable hot and cold water
2.    PPR pipes & Fittings for UV-resistant with food grade
3.    PP pipes & Fittings with seal plugs for drainage above & underground
4.    PVC pipes & Fittings for Drainage
5.    Floor Drains
6.    Gully Trap/inspection chambers
7.    Drainage Channels
8.    PE pipes for water supply / Drainage
9.    PE gas pipes
10.  HTPVC pressure pipes
11.  Gray PVC pipes

Our Superior German Quality Systems aim for a complete plumbing solutions.

  • Zero Leakage
  • Zero Contamination
  • Zero Corrosion
  • Zero Blockage


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