Complete home solutions can have various meanings and here at EGIC we work to provide the best ways of water supply, through Banninger and also drainage solutions through Kessel and SmartHome. It is also known that there are accessories and other supplies needed to complete the infrastructure of the house therefore we also provide the needed accessories, adhesives and water pumps. The Research and Development team continually strives to work on the latest innovative products and smart plumbing solutions, and on developing new items for your comfort. We present complete home solutions with our brands for water supply and drainage solutions, to guarantee:

  • Zero Leakage
  • Zero Contamination
  • Zero Corrosion
  • Zero Blockage


As a trusted leading company in the sanitary ware industry, EGIC offers the highest quality of products and innovative solutions therefore we provide a lifetime guarantee on our products as EGIC has various testing labs for each production line. EGIC provides free after-sale service upon the plumbing work installation, providing security for Technicians and home owners.

We also provide 10 years guarantee to home-owners upon testing their plumbing work nationwide, due to the trust gained between the company and the technicians using our products.

Customers can avoid risks and reduce costs by directly contacting our customer service representatives over the phone or online to request a free inspection visit, the company representative will arrive to the site to test the installation on higher than normal pressure.

Once the inspection process is approved, the guarantee will be issued and delivered to our clients through various outlets, these outlets can vary from the customer’s phone as a softcopy, or a hardcopy via our auto service centers or one of our Customer Service Branches.

At EGIC we strive to raise the level of awareness that our users have, We provide the users of our products with continues developing programs to increase their efficiency, product awareness, and knowledge through tours in EGIC’s manufacturing facilities. Our customers get full utility on new products, plumbing solutions, and services, they also get the chance to share their opinion with the EGIC family to give ourselves the chance for constant improvement and better product adaption.

To conclude, through the education that the users receive they will be able to further understand what would be the better fit for their situation or their needs, allowing them to make the smarter and better decision.

EGIC stands out in many ways, one of those ways is our in house call center, reachable at 19678, this helps our clients to receive the technical knowledge needed for their issue to be resolved, request new inspection visit, requesting the online insurance certificate or submit their complains and suggestions. Customers can also contact us on our social media accounts or visit one of our customer service branches to receive unique and quick support.

EGIC provides 10 years guarantee to home-owners upon testing their plumbing work nationwide, due to the trust gained between the company and the technicians using our products.

Once, the plumbing system is completely installed, we test and inspect the whole system to avoid any leaks at the joints. During the test plumber or homeowner should check the following points:

  • Concealed work should remain uncovered until the required test is made and approved
  • The bathtub shouldn’t be installed
  • The system should be properly restrained at all bends and welded away from crossover
  • Braided Flexi Hoses should be installed between the hot and cold lines
  • Outdoor pipes and fittings should be coated with black UV-resistant material
  • The brand sign should be clear
  • Smart home products should be heated during its welding process
  • Expansion joints should be used in each floor for Smart Home drainage system
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EGIC cares about the comfort of its clients, that’s why now you can receive your insurance certificate online, just follow the following steps:

1- After finishing the free inspection, you can call 19678 to verify the activation of the insurance certificate and request online delivery.

2- You will receive an SMS with an online link, your username and the password

3- Then you can click on the link and insert your username and password and you will be able to find all the Insurance Certificates related to the client.

Getting The Insurance Certificate Online


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