Our Brands

Superior German Quality

Our Brands

Superior German Quality

Who Are We?

In 1991, EGIC was established to market all types of reliable plumbing and sanitary products with superior German quality, EGIC Developed to being a trend setter and market leader by manufacturing the highest quality of water supply systems and drainage solutions from several plastic materials (polypropylene, PVC, and polyethylene) and copper under the best-known brands; Banninger, Kessel and Smart Home.

EGIC exports worldwide through the development of top class manufacturing facilities and the biggest copper foundry in the Middle East, all in hope of offering complete home solutions that would not only help the clients but guarantee their ease and satisfaction therefore EGIC partnered with one of Europe’s largest pumps manufacturer and Follows European standard certifications in all of its processes.

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New Launches




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Home is a dwelling place where we spend most of our life. Installing superior piping system that work properly in our home is

really crucial; as it makes it a peaceful place of live. EGIC Research and Development team continually strives to work on the

latest innovative products and smart piping solutions, as well as on development of new items ...

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Complete Home Solutions

As a trusted leading company in the sanitary ware industry, EGIC offers 10 years guarantee to home-owners upon testing

their plumbing system nationwide.We provide a complete coverage on all damages associated with unexpected leakage

in pipes or fittings.Customers can avoid risks and reduce costs by directly contacting our customer service ....

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10 Years Guarantee

We strive to increase our customer satisfaction, product awareness, and knowledge through regular training sessions and tours

in EGIC factories.Our customers get full utility on new products, plumbing solutions, and services.Providing education

and information on our pipes and fittings simplifies customer’s decision making process on ,..

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Customer Training

Our sales and customer service representatives basic goal is not only to satisfy our clients but also to offer them unique and

quick support over the phone and via social media channels. Customers can directly contact us 24/7 for general

inquiries or complain by sending us a message or dialing 19678.....

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Call Center & Customer Service Branches

Once, the plumbing system is completely installed, we test and inspect the whole system to avoid any leaks at the joints,

and correct them before the operation. During the test plumber or homeowner should check the following points:

• Concealed work should remain uncovered until the required test is made and approved

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