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10 Years Guarantee

As a trusted leading company in the sanitary ware industry, EGIC offers the highest quality of products and innovative solutions therefore we provide a lifetime guarantee on our products as EGIC has various testing labs for each production line. EGIC provides free after-sales service upon the plumbing work installation, providing security for Technicians and homeowners.

We also provide 10 years guarantee to home-owners upon testing their plumbing work nationwide, due to the trust gained between the company and the technicians using our products.

Customers can avoid risks and reduce costs by directly contacting our customer service representatives over the phone or online to request a free inspection visit, the company representative will arrive at the site to test the installation on higher than normal pressure.


Once the inspection process is approved, the guarantee will be issued and delivered to our clients through various outlets, these outlets can vary from the customer’s phone as a softcopy, or a hardcopy via our auto service centers or one of our Customer Service Branches.


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