As a market leader in manufacturing water supply and drainage solutions, EGIC exports complete home solutions with superior German quality to the international markets with a solid reputation. We provide our agents and clients wide range of pipes, fittings, accessories, floor drains, adhesives, floor insulation, and bronze and brass bars.

We also support our agents with all marketing materials such as; product samples, 3D videos, brochures, stands, flyers and catalogs to be displayed in their showrooms and increase the brand awareness and products knowledge which reflect on their sales volumes.

Our research and development team continuously work on the latest innovative products and develop new items not only to satisfy clients’ needs but also to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. We train our international sole agents and conduct factory tours to increase their product awareness level and knowledge.

Today, we export to over 30 countries across the world and participate in international exhibitions like; ISH Fair, Feicon Batimat in Brazil, Batimat in France, The Big 5 Show in Dubai and …etc. to meet new clients and penetrate new markets.

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