In 1991, Egyptian German Industrial Corporate – EGIC was established to introduce PP-R systems for the water supply in the Egyptian market, then expanded its entire production to produce and market all types of reliable plumbing and sanitary products. EGIC’s focus on producing wide ranges of products with superior German quality has placed it as a trendsetter and market leader in the plumbing industry where we provide complete home solutions for different residential/industrial projects across the world.

EGIC has established top-class manufacturing facilities; four in Egypt and one in Germany, where we produce water supply and drainage solutions from several plastic materials and copper (polypropylene, PVC, and polyethylene) under the best-known brands; Smart Home, Kessel and Smart Home. One of those four factories is the largest copper foundry in the Middle East that manufactures the purest bronze bars, valves, and other related accessories. Furthermore, EGIC is an exclusive distributor for the world-leading pump manufacturer Grundfos in Egypt.

Through lean manufacturing and High-tech machinery supported by the SAP control, our facilities are considered to be one of the highest efficient and certified facilities within the middle-east

Our promise is to be a dependable provider of comprehensive and integrated home solutions of superior German quality, with the support of our exemplary customer care service, comprehensive warranties, and outstanding distribution network.

EGIC’s entire production line has been adjusted to fit European standards, which have been previously approved and certified by different accredited independent international institutes.

Those standards are being sustained by our quality assurance laboratories which test all raw materials, products, and effectiveness.

All products undergo tests in abnormal conditions to guarantee optimum quality, through using the highest quality raw material BOREALIS, basell, implying the required standards of the following certifications: DVGW, SKZ, EOS, GL, NOPWASD, IGH, and certificates of quality process ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 17025.

EGIC laboratories are fully equipped with the most advanced testing system to ensure that our products meet health and performance standards for plastic pipes and fittings required by regulators, public health officials and manufacturers.

Our quality control policies includes:

    • Testing and accepting incoming raw materials according to ISO 1133
    • Measuring and inspecting our production equipment
    • Auditing our production procedures
    • Examining products during the manufacturing process to measure density, pressure, surface, dimensions, weight, marking, date of extrusion and molding.
    • Inspecting final product to measure the usability of the products in their fields of application

Corporate History

  1. Corporate Foundation

    EGIC was founded as an importer of top class plumbing products.

  2. Polypropylene Introduction into Egyptian Markets

    EGIC was the first company to introduce PPR water supply solutions to the Egyptian Market.



  3. Introduce Loyalty Program And Drainage Solutions

    • EGIC launched its integrated customer service loyalty program.
    • EGIC introduced a new PP push-to-fit drainage solutions.

  4. NBSF Foundation

    EGIC started its first corporate social responsibility initiative via establishing Nahdet Beni Suief Foundation.


  5. Establishment Of The 1st Manufacturing Plant

    EGIC established its first manufacturing facility to locally produce PPR water supply solutions.


  6. Establishment Of The 2nd Manufacturing Plant

    EGIC expanded to its second manufacturing facility to locally produce UPVC drainage solutions.


  7. EPF Foundation

    • EGIC implemented SAP system.
    • EGIC established the Egyptian Plumbers Foundation as part of EGIC‘s corporate social responsibility program.

  8. Establishment Of The 3rd Manufacturing Plant

    • EGIC launched PVC cleaning cement /adhesives & new pumping systems to fulfill the integrated complete home solutions strategy.
    • EGIC acquired its third manufacturing facility.

  9. Establishment Of The Brass/Bronze Foundry

    • EGIC established one of the largest Bronze/Brass foundries in the Middle East.

  10. New Expansions

    •EGIC expanded its manufacturing process to produce KESSEL new shower drains and smart home Accessories




Achieving the highest level of profitability, sustainability and transparency with our shareholders which enable us to limit our expenses, take right decisions and increase productivity.


Delivering a complete home solutions with superior German quality, reliable after sale service, appropriate distribution networks. (Over 40,000 free inspection visit per month)


Creating healthy working environment supported by continuous training programs, medical treatment, social insurance and competitive packages to raise our production efficiency and competitive advantage.


Fulfilling our commitment to the government in paying taxes on time, complying with all legal requirements to help the government in achieving the interests of the society.

Environment and Society

Keeping the environment healthy and preserved from pollution by reducing waste and using recycled materials. Also we spend millions of our profit towards social, medical and educational facilities through EGIC funded and operated institutions.


Manufacturing Facilities

Bani Suef Manufacturing Facility
Size: 15,000 m²
Location: Industrial Zone, East of Nile Plot No.2 ., New Bani Suef
Start Date: 2001
(Products Manufactured: PPR Fittings (SH)
Mass Production of PPR : 2,500 tons/year PPR fittings

Bani Suef Bronze & Brass Foundry
Size: 2500 m2
Location: Industrial Zone, East of Nile Plot No.2 ., New Bani Suef
Start Date: 2014
Products: Bronze Bars & Bronze / Brass Inserts
Mass Production of copper: 2,000 tons/year for Bronze and brass

October I Manufacturing Facility
Size: 37,000 m²
Location: 4th industrial Zone Plot no. 1/9 6th of October City
Start Date: 2007
Products Manufactured: PVC Pipes (Smart Home) + PVC Fittings (Smart Home) + PP Fittings (Kessel)
Capacity: 38,000 Ton

October II Manufacturing Facility
Size: 43,000 m²
Start Date: 2015a
Products Manufactured: PE Pipes for Gas (PE) + PPR Pipes (BR) + PP Pipes . Kessel
Capacity: 17,000 Ton

Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2012, EGIC established the Egyptian Foundation for Sanitary Engineering (EPF) for the sake of supporting plumbers’ community. EPF is a non-profit organization that provides its members with essential services as we understand that they usually face a variety of risks during their work every day in installing and maintaining numerous piping systems. EPF medical insurance covers full and partial costs of medicine, physicians, medical analysis and x-rays. Subscribers can easily claim compensation in case they have physical harm or in need for medical treatment.

In addition, the Foundation contributes with the retired plumbers through Takaful Box that beneficiaries are eligible to receive their monthly pension at age 60. The disabled plumbers are also compensated through social care programs and small projects. Moreover, the families of the deceased members get total of L.E 1000 for funeral expenses plus L.E 50000 in case plumber anciently died or L.E 25000 in normal cases.

Today, the Foundation serves more than 4000 members with medical and social insurance, educational services, loans, trips, welding machines and more.

EPT social and economic development programs include;

  • Financial compensations: loans free of interest (School loan, marriage loan, Ramadan bags, etc.)
  • Takaful Box: monthly pension for retired or disabled professionals, financial aid for retired plumbers and the families of the deceased members
  • Social care programs: Funding small projects for women-breadwinners in agriculture, poultry farming, handicraft, sewing and trading projects
  • Health care cards and medical treatment: full and partial coverage on medicine, physicians, medical analysis and x-rays
  • Entertainment trips: summer trips and Umrah

In 2009, EGIC established Nahdet Beni Suef Foundation (NBNS) as a non-profit organization in Beni Suef, authorized by the ministry to social solidarity. NBNS aim is to develop rural small villages to deliver healthy community, free of poverty and able to sustain by itself.
The foundation mainly focuses on fighting poverty, ignorance and diseases by providing financial and social contributions such as;

  • Affording loans free of interest to low-income individuals/groups
  • Funding small projects to raise the standard level of living
  • Promoting secured social networks
  • Empowering economical activities for women
  • Developing the youth and fresh graduates personal skills and give them the opportunity to find a new job vacancy

NBNS Departments

  • Financial Aids
    As we understand that the small traders play an important role in developing communities, we provide unemployed and low-income individuals/groups with financial loans free of interest to improve their standard level of living. In June 2017, the total budget of this department has reached 9,250,000 to serve more than 18245 beneficiaries. Ultimately, the goal of microfinance department is to improve economic conditions and give impoverished people an opportunity to become self-sufficient and to create new job vacancies.
  • Medical Care
    Our medical care department share the government responsibly in developing hospitals and provide it with the latest medical devices, operations rooms, lab equipment, medical units and tools for emergency cases, monitoring management systems and more.
  • Training and Human Development
    We continuously strive to solve unemployment problem by training and educating people to effectively participate and manipulate in local communities. We empower individuals’ personal skills and create new job vacancies throughout small projects such as;

    * Dairy processing
    * Handcrafting, textile and sewing
    * Agricultural projects and poultry farming

  • Engineering Department

NBNS contributes in developing many small villages and rural communities in Egypt by designing and building new houses. Also, we provide old houses with proper drainage solutions and electricity stations to sustain in clean healthy environment.

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