Dear Customers,

The Egyptian German Industrial Corporate was founded in 1991 to market all types of sanitary products and related accessories. Joining Kessel AG, our German partner, we built our factories supported by extensive MIS distribution network and warehouse facilities to ensure quality service. By constantly adapting our products to the needs of the market, and developing the relevant know-how, EGIC has achieved success in Egypt and EMEA region with motivation to continue making constant improvements to our systems and solutions. Becoming a leading developer of benchmark quality in Polymers/Plastic products, we manufacture an economically innovative product range of PP-R Pipes & Fittings for drinkable cold & hot water as well as PP & UPVC Pipes and Fittings for drainage. Applied raw material technologies optimizes the material characteristics for the protection of the environment. The use of polypropylene raw material for manufacturing ensures social compatibility, hygiene, health and well-being packing for the most precious commodity goods: ”Clean drinking water.” Our promise is to not only satisfy but also exceed our customers expectations by offering them the highest quality products & a wide range of supported services. Our outstanding customer relations skills ensures efficient delivery . Where in turn reflects in customer loyalty. AS an Egyptian and the Chairman of EGIC i strive to support and invest in our fellow citizens and employees, the roots that flourish the success of any productive country. At EGIC we believe, in team work, in progress and in a better tomorrow and in honest open communication. Career opportunities are constantly open for those dedicated to build a strong infrastructure while contributing to the economic growth and future stability of our country and the next generation.
Sincere Regards, CEO & Chairman Omar Safey El Dine