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Kessel pipes and fittings is made from durable polypropylene (PP), which Can be used in various applications in the industrial as well as the residential sector. Like: office building, hospital, hotel, residential district, villa, embassy building, hot spring drainage water, and many more…
– Kessel polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings are used for pressure-less drainage lines. There are no limitations as to the admissible thermal loads by effluent water.
– Kessel pipes and fittings are connected by a push-fit socket and sealed tight with a sealing rings.
– Kessel pipes can be easily cut to fit any length, chamfered and burred, connected and fixed in position.
– Kessel If the floor is covered with asphalt mastic, exposed pipes should be protected with heat-insulating material.
– When Kessel pipes are laid in concrete, the socket gaps should be sealed with an adhesive tape in order to prevent penetration of the cement grout.
– Residual pipe lengths without socket may be re-used with a single pushfit socket and a rubber seal.
-For connection to an existing pipeline, use a long pipe and/or double socket sleeves.
-Connections from/to lines of metal or cast iron pipes done easily, by means of special fittings provided in the solution and corresponding sealing elements.